Farewell to Rev'd Roger Williams

A memorable service celebrating Roger’s ministry was held on Sunday 17th April. People shared their experiences of Roger’s work ensuring it was a very personal and significant occasion.

In his final Council Meeting with ODCD, Roger shared some of his memories, including how communication has developed over the years. Originally appointed in 1990, Roger went on to launch ODCD’s Volunteer Visiting Service, which has been invaluable in supporting people who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate.

With communication limited to letter writing when Roger first joined ODCD, he has enjoyed the benefits over time of the Minicom, Facsimile, e-mail and texts followed by the introduction of ODCD’s website.

The Link Magazine was an idea from The Deaf Church when Roger arrived and soon there will be more electronic copies than hard copies. Another new method of communication in Churches has been the loop system. As time has progressed, Roger is pleased to say that all the urban Churches now have loop systems. Roger’s aim was for every Church in the Diocese to have a loop system and although we are not quite there yet, it is safe to say that Roger can retire in the knowledge that so much has been achieved with his dedication and tireless support.

We wish him very well with his new life!