Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures was the title of a day for us led by the National Chaplain for the Deaf, Gill Behenna on Saturday 13th May 2017.  It was attended by 28 people including members of the Deaf Churches in the Diocese, ODCD and some from neighbouring area Deaf Churches.  It was a very enjoyable day, in which all church members were encouraged to show off the treasures of the Deaf Church: its commitment to good communication, and likeness to the Early Church in its gatherings and fellowship.  The lay membership can do so much to help the Church to be known and to flourish.

Oxford Deaf Church was inspired to plan a coffee morning following a mid-week service in September. Reading Deaf Church have been inspired to create a Facebook page, in addition to planning a visit of the church to the neighbouring Deaf Church at Farnborough and perhaps other neighbouring Deaf Churches to learn from each other and share good ideas.