Presentation of the Spooner Bible

In September 2014, Revd Roger Williams, one of the ODCD Chaplains visited New College Oxford with a small group from Oxford Deaf Church, for the purpose of presenting the College Archivist, Jennifer Thorp, with what has become known as the Spooner Bible.

The Bible was presented to William Spooner, Master of New College, on the occasion of his marriage by the Archbishop of Canterbury.  It came into the possession of the ODCD through his daughter Rosemary Spooner, a pioneer of the work amongst deaf people in Oxford.

The Bible is now on loan to the New College. With the forthcoming redevelopment of Oxford Deaf Centre due to take place, New College is a safer and more suitable place for the Bible to be stored in the short term. 

The archives where the Bible will stay are kept in the Muniment Tower of New College and the room itself has a rarely seen 13th century tiled floor. Jennnifer arranged a display of items linked to Rosemary Spooner and William Spooner for Roger and the group to see. We were later taken on a tour of the Chapel; aapparently 30 years ago a large group of Deaf People visited for a Choir Festival with a Service in the Chapel. 

ODCD hopes that we can build on our re-established link with New College going forward and is grateful to them for their care of the Spooner Bible.