Our finances

Our finances

The Oxford Diocesan Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is a registered charity which works with deaf and hard of hearing people in the Diocese of Oxford to meet their spiritual, social and general needs, and to give them a voice and full participation in church and society.

The Diocese of Oxford currently employs one part-time chaplain for the deaf who works under the umbrella of ODCD. There is also currently a vacancy for a full-time chaplain which when filled is a substantial source of funding but the Diocese also gives an annual grant of £6,700 as a contribution to cover other chaplaincy and administrative costs. Altogether, the Diocese provides funding of £35,986 - just over 60% of ODCD’s income. Other income comes from dividends and interest on ODCD’s investments, from occasional grants and from donations and deaf church collections.

How do we spend our money?

Some 75% of ODCD’s expenditure goes on the chaplaincy service we provide and the cost of supporting the Deaf Church. A further 1% goes on grants towards loop systems and other grants in support of the deaf and hard of hearing. Some 24% of expenditure goes on pastoral support, administration and governance costs.

In the last few years, ODCD's income has fallen short of expenditure. Although in 2015-16 income slightly exceeded expenditure, this is not sufficient enough to reverse the depletion to ODCD's reserves in previous years. 

See the links to the right of this page to download the ODCD Accounts 2015-16 and Aylesbury Fund Accounts 2015-16. 

Although ODCD’s financial position is currently sound, it is essential for the organisation to move to a position where income covers the annual running costs and builds up the financial reserves to enable ODCD to do more for the deaf and hard of hearing in the future.

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