ODCD Council

ODCD Council

The Council consists of the Chairperson, His Honour Christopher Tyrer, who works together with Trustees to manage and grow the work and mission of ODCD. The full Council meets at least three times a year.

They oversee and support the organisation's ministry among deaf and hard of hearing people, as well as promoting the organisation and representing its interests to the wider church and community, to increase awareness of hearing churches to the needs of the deaf and the potential contribution they can make to local churches and communities. There are opportunities to attend services, meetings and events throughout the year.

Trustees are nominated by the Bishop, Archdeacon, Diocesan Synod or the ODCD Council.  Their role is to contribute to the wellbeing and smooth running of ODCD in accordance with the constitution under the authority of the Charity Commission.  They are also responsible for the financial running of the organisation by the approval or otherwise of the annual accounts.  The Trustees therefore contribute to the spiritual, social and general wellbeing of the deaf and hard of hearing, and support the Chaplains to the deaf and hard of hearing across the Anglican congregations and churches of the Diocese.

Our current list of Trustees are listed here:


  • His Honour Christopher Tyrer

Current Council Trustees

  • Mrs Caroline Kallipetis
  • Revd. Nigel Edward-Few
  • Mrs Teresa Carter
  • Revd. Joan Hicks
  • Mr Ken Dyson
  • Mr Peter Flory
  • Mrs Anna Knaggs
  • Venerable Judy French

Could you become a Trustee?

We are always looking for people who can contribute to the aims of ODCD and support the work of the organisation, especially but not exclusively if they are part of the deaf or hard of hearing community themselves. 

At the moment, we are particularly looking for people who have experience in working with or supporting the young deaf or hard of hearing.  If you are interested in supporting the work of ODCD in this way, please contact His Honour Christopher Tyrer, Chairperson in the first instance.

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